Tickets may then be purchased at authorized venders.



Total Ticket

Price $25.00

Fishing Tourney $4.00

*Raffle $21.00

Must purchase entire ticket.












          SOLD OUT

        Tickets will not be sold online.

            If an authorized vendor can not be found you may

              Email us at dlvfdtourney@hotmail.com for

              A location nearest you.

                   SOLD OUT


              You may also request tickets after October 1st   (until sold out)

              by sending a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to



              The DLVFD Fishing Tourney,

              PO BOX 32,

              Devils Lake, ND.  58301


              Please enclose your NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE # that

              you want on the ticket, With a check or money order made

              payable to the DLVFD Fishing Tourney.


              Thank you very much for your interest.