Questions and Answers Frequently Asked


1.     Q:  Do I need a ND fishing license?

A:  Yes.

2.     Q:  I lost my ticket, what do I do???

A:  Contact Alvin at dlvfdtourney@dvl.midco.net  or 662-8022.  Tell us where you bought it

     and we can send you a duplicate.

3.     Q:  Can I prefish?

A:  No.

4.     Q:  Can we use an electronic depth finder, fish locator or under water camera?

A:  No.

5.     Q:  Can we bring Alcoholic beverages?

A:  No.

6.     Q:  When can we enter the contest area?

A:  At 11:00 A.M.

7.     Q:  Can we use more than one line

A:  No.

8.     Q:  Can someone else watch my line if I leave my fishing hole?

A:  No.  

9.     Q:  Do you have bait and concessions on sale?

A:  Yes.

   10.Q:  Do we have to register fish caught right away?

A:  Fish must be brought immediately to the judge’s stand, frozen or dead fish are

     not eligible .

   11.Q:  Can I register more than one fish?      

        A:  Yes, but only the largest one in the category will be eligible.    

   12.Q:  What time can we start to fish?

        A:  At 1:00 P.M. when the shots sound.

   13.Q:  Do you have shuttle service out to the tournament site?

        A:  No.

   14.Q:  Do you have evening courtesy vehicles available in the evenings?

        A:  Courtesy vehicle will be available on Friday and Saturday evening from Memorial

             Building, or motels to any location in Devils Lake.

   15.Q:  What if there is an error printed on tickets?

        A:  Correct information will be given before tournament starts and before any drawings,

             DLVFD reserves the right to make needed corrections.

   16.Q:  What are the locations of events.

        A:  Registration, dance, drawings for the raffle prizes are at the Memorial Building

             which is located Downtown Devils Lake.  Fishing site is Approximately 7 miles west

             of Devils Lake on hwy 19.

   17.Q:  Does my ticket need to be stamped?

        A:  Only if your going to fish.

   18.Q:  Are tickets sold online?

        A:  No.  Only at authorized vendors which are listed on our links.

   19.Q:  If I purchase more than one ticket can I fish more than one hole?

        A:  No, only one fishing hole per person but you may give your other tickets to another

             person so that they may use it for fishing.

   20.Q:  What if tournament is canceled do to inclement weather (blizzard)?

        A:  Fishing prizes will then be drawn for at 7:00P.M. Saturday evening at the Memorial


   21.Q:  When would cancellation be announced?

        A:  Cancellation due to inclement weather (blizzard) will be determined on the morning

             of the tournament. Information will be on the website and released to radio media.

   22.Q:  Do I have to have a ticket to get on the ice?

          A:  Yes, you must have a ticket whether you fish or not.